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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Neuro Linguistic Programming

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Allow Freedom from Stress & Anxiety

Weight Loss Issues

Addictions & Habit Control

Smoking Cessation

Confidence & Motivation

a brief explanation of clinical hypnotherapy

I offer amongst other things a Clinical Hypnotherapy Service whose primary objective is the self empowerment of it's clientele in alignment with their individual needs & wants.

It is consistently my experience that working in co-operation with the Subconscious mind in a strategic manner, via a clinically & professionally induced trance state, is a profoundly powerful way to resolve many issues, and though it may not resolve everyone's problems all of the time, it has proven to be a very powerful tool to help most people with most of their problems most of the time.


Far from being a state of unconsciousness or disassociation, it is in fact a highly pleasant & focused form of selective awareness, a state of mind that bypasses the usual noise & confusion of the distorted and conditioned critical faculty.

As a result of the deep state of clarity that is achieved in a professionally facilitated trance state, the mind is more discerning, allowing a highly attuned & receptive state of consciousness that can be worked with in a most beneficial & empowering manner to affect lasting & often dramatic change, relatively effortlessly.

The heightened state of awareness during hypnosis is ideal to allow solutions to naturally arise from the clients deeper mind. This highly receptive state also allows suggestions for positive changes to be strategically deployed strictly in alignment with the clients goals.

Contrary to popular belief the client is always in control. The client can refuse to be hypnotised & can bring themselves out of trance at any stage. The client can also refuse any suggestion at any point in time. In fact the Subconscious mind will reject any suggestions it intuitively knows are not in it's benefit.



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